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GAZ Group presents new models of Ural NEXT at STT-2016 motor show

Ural Truck Plant of GAZ Group presents new vehicles Ural NEXT for construction industry at XVII: CNG passenger and cargo vehicle, crew change bus in North version, tractive unit with a hydraulic manipulator and 25-tons crane truck.


Presented vehicles extend the range of specialty vehicles on Ural NEXT chassis. The motor show takes place from May 31 to June 4 in International Exhibition center Krokus Expo in Moscow.

Ural Truck Plant presents new vehicles Ural NEXT for construction industry at the special motor show: cargo and passenger vehicle with a hydraulic manipulator and methane engine, crew change bus for northern conditions, the tractive unit with the hydraulic manipulator and 25-tons crane truck.

For the first time the cargo and passenger vehicle Ural NEXT with the hydraulic manipulator and methane engine (6x6) is presented to wide audience  The vehicle is equipped with new CNG engine YaMZ-536. Gas cylinders are installed in two cartridges - behind the cabin and on the left side member of the frame. Cylinders volume allows refilling 250 m3 of natural gas at the pressure of 200 psi. Using the gas engine ensures high economical and environmental performance, fuel cost reduction vs.  diesel equivalent accounts for 50-60%. Ural-NEXT is designed for transporting crews and cargo to the work area. Due to the hydraulic manipulator and drop side platform loading and transportation of cargo is convenient. Passenger module is equipped with two three-place seats, table and a toolbox.

Crew change bus Ural NEXT in North version with a wheelbase 6x6 is designed for delivery of crews to remote places. Van body - frame-steel, with seats with falling backs and three-point safety belts. The cabin is additionally heated with thermal insulation materials. In addition to electric heating of mirrors which is available on all vehicles from Ural NEXT model range, there is electrical heating of the windshield 700 W power at the crew change bus that allows efficient removing frost and ice from the glass surface. There are a regular heater 10 kW capacity designed for the cabin heating, it receives heat from the engine, and an independent heater 2 kW capacity. Thermal conditions in the body van are ensured with two independent air heaters 8 kW combined capacity. Also there is electrical heating of a fuel inlet, coarse and fine fuel filters. The vehicle is equipped with YaMZ-536 Euro-4 engine 240 HP power. 

The tractive unit Ural NEXT (6x6) with the hydraulic manipulator is designed for loading/unloading and transportation of cargo on a road train. There is YaMZ-536 Euro-4 engine 312 HP power. The vehicle is equipped with the hydraulic manipulator 20 t/m load moment and handling radius not less 7 m. Such high parameters ensure high performance for loading and unloading. 

The crane truck Ural NEXT 21.7 m boom length allows handling usual and dangerous cargo up to 25 tons weight.The wheel formula of Ural NEXT - 6x6.The vehicle is equipped with YaMZ-536 Euro-4 engine 285 HP power and mechanical five-speed gearbox YaMZ-1105.

The vehicles of Ural NEXT new generation have been produced since November 2015. The vehicles of flagship family 5.5 - 13 tons payload capacity maintain traditional advantages of Ural brand - unique off-road ability and high functionality, increased reliability and comfort, improved roadability and efficiency. The trucks are equipped with a modern comfortable NEXT cabin. The vehicle warranty is 24 months or 100 thous. km mileage, service interval - 15000 km. 

Ural NEXT, as well as all the vehicles in Ural family is able to work in full off-road and severe climatic conditions. Ural NEXT off-road trucks are a good base for different kinds of specialty equipment. High operation efficiency, functionality, reliability and repairability ensure wide utilization of the vehicles in various industries, including construction. 

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