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KAMAZ Has Summed up Preliminary Results of Production and Sales in 2016

KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) announced the preliminary results of production and sales for 2016.


The Russian market of trucks with GVW over 14 tonnes in 2016 (data on registered vehicles) totaled 40 thousand units, which is by 11% more, compared with 2015. Thanks to state programs of demand stimulation, there wasn't a market decline in 2016.

At the end of 2016, KAMAZ PTC sold 34.5 thousand commercial vehicles, which is by 21% more than in 2015, including 28.3 thous. trucks in the domestic market (a growth in 2015 amounted to 25%) and 6.2 thousand lorries on foreign markets (+ 6%).

The share of KAMAZ PTC on the Russian market of trucks with GVW over 14 tons (data on registered vehicles) amounted to 56% in 2016. For comparison, it didn't exceed 51% in December 2015.

According to the Program of Strategic Development of KAMAZ PTC until 2025, it is planned to produce 36 thousand vehicles and continue to modernize production in 2017.

According to General Director of KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin, production of a new lineup of six-cylinder in-line engines and a new plant for cab frame production are still priority areas of development. "In 2017, the company plans to spend nearly 20 billion rubles for development: we will continue to produce new-generation models - of a transport, heavy-duty family, the renovated long-haul tractor KAMAZ-5490; we'll work on the replacement of imported parts used in the manufacture of a new range of vehicles," said Kogogin.

The enterprises of the group made 35,416 vehicles and CKD sets for 2016, which is by 9%, or by nearly three thousand units, more than specified in the business plan. These are more than 22 million all-wheel drive and heavy-duty vehicles and more than 9.5 thousand upgraded trucks. The company assembled more than 2.5 thousand units of the long-haul truck tractor KAMAZ-5490 - the new flagship of the company's lineup, which is one and a half times more than it had been planned.

In 2016, customers received spare parts to the tune of RUB 16.46 billion, including parts sold in the domestic market for RUB 12.21 billion and diversification products for RUB 7.75 billion.

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