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Ambulance on KAMAZ Chassis Underwent Testing

The first ambulance on the KAMAZ-43502 all-wheel drive chassis was tested in the Far East. The vehicle was tested on the Kolyma Highway at low temperatures. The vehicle travelled 1,370 kilometers along the route Magadan – Palatka – Debin – Sinegorye – Yagodnoye – Susuman – Magadan. Road performance, operating capacity of autonomous heaters, lighting, operation of a platform, electrical equipment, standalone operation at night time and many other characteristics were inspected. Special attention was paid to checking of medical equipment both in transit and at points of vehicle demonstration. It is worthy of note that the doctors had occasion to use the vehicle for the intended purpose during the tests. On the way back to Magadan the crew of the KAMAZ EMS vehicle witnessed a traffic accident in which a woman got bad bruises. The medical workers administered first aid to the injured woman on the spot. Hospitalization wasn't needed, the first patients of the north-version ambulance were transported to the city.    


According to Igor Stupchenko, Director of Magadan's Center of Catastrophe Medicine, who participated in testing, the vehicle of such a class was definitely necessary for the region. "This was proved by regional medical workers. They examined the characteristics of the vehicle very thoroughly, they were present by healthcare delivery tests," he told. "All doctors expressed a definite statement - they are for equipping regional hospitals with such vehicles. And they even convinced us that the door between the compartments we thought was unnecessary should be there as it can help preserve the heat at minus 40-50 degrees Celsius by loading," he noted.  

Besides, good feedback was received on the perfect operation of the vehicle in autonomous mode, also at low temperatures at night time. The pneumatic elevator handles loads at minus 35 smoothly, a satellite phone can work in the vehicle with such a roof and walls almost everywhere. There is minor criticism of the lighting spectrum in the passenger compartment and the vehicle painting: it shouldn't be white, it is obligatory to have reflective bands. According to KAMAZ's experts who designed the vehicle, these and other comments are objective and easy to accommodate.

It is noteworthy that the testers reported the results of the experiment to Vladimir Pechyony, Governor of Magadan Oblast. "Shortcomings are foreseeable because the vehicle is new, one-of-a-kind. It was developed quickly. We will send the results of the tests to the Ministry of Healthcare, Industry and Trade of Russia to decide if serial production should be launched or not," the governor said. "Our neighbours in northern regions are waiting for the vehicle. We hope that we will again be among the first who will receive upgraded ambulance trucks." 

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