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GAZ Group presents a new vehicle for oil and gas industry

GAZ Group presents at the 14th International exhibition “Oil and gas/MIOGE 2017” a new version of Ural vehicle of higher payload capacity with special equipment - the unit for servicing oil wells.  The vehicle is showed together with a manufacturer of oilfield equipment KERUI GROUP. 


Efficiency of this vehicle is achieved through the chassis. Payload capacity of a new chassis model reaches 30 tons. The chassis is equipped with the engine YaMZ-653 422 HP power and 2000 Nm torque, that meets prospective environmental standards Euro-5. 16-speed gearbox in combination with 2-speed transfer case provide a wide shifting range, that allows one to move in different road conditions with maximum efficiency, The advantage of chassis is its wheel arrangement 8x8, that provides improved off-road ability and payload capacity. Permissible load on two front axle can reach 18 tons, load on rear bogie axles - up to 26 tons. Chassis design offers great opportunities for installation of various types of special heavy equipment that is provided by the chassis mounting length that reaches 8 500 mm at the expense of variation in the wheelbase length and rear overhang. The cabin is over the engine, with a sleeping berth of increased width and with improved thermal and noise insulation.  Mass production is scheduled for 2018.

Ural vehicles are capable of operating in full off-road, overcoming swamps, mountain passes, deep snow and sand and enjoy high demand in oil and gas exploration and production. They can be used off-road and in severe climatic conditions. Ural off-road trucks are an excellent base for installation of special equipment for various industries, incl. oil and gas industry: oil tankers, water tankers, fuel-servicing trucks, units for maintenance of pumping jacks, different workshops, dump trucks, truck-mounted platforms, cranes, tow trucks for transportation of semi-trailers and oil tankers.

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